Sedgwick & Shingles Country Blues

James Sedgwick and Brian O’Mahony first met at a Barcelona jam session in late 2018,  where began a musical partnership based on a shared love of American roots music. Originally from Canada, James is an accomplished vocalist, harmonica player and guitarist who studied music at Concordia University, Montreal; while Brian-  who hails from Ireland-  is the front man of the blues band Mr. Shingles.

After spending time developing their sound at different venues around Barcelona, Brian and James decided to record an album. They wrote some songs over the course of several months, finally recording them during a single acoustic live session in January of 2020. The result- entitled Sedgwick & Shingles-  is a reflection of their love of classic country blues and swing, as well as a showcase for their not inconsiderable song writing skills.

Sedgwick & Shingles eclectic live set features songs from their album, alongside blues standards such as Caledonia, Walking by myself or CC Rider.  Backed up by the acoustic bass of Dara Luskin, the show promises to be both upbeat and laid-back; an evening of music and stories in song- both their own and those of the bluesman whose footsteps they’ve followed.

James Sedgewick -  Harmonica, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Brian O’Mahony  -   Acoustic Guitar, Vocals

Dara Luskin  - Acoustic Bass, Vocals

Photo: Press photo