Vintage Gramola

Vintage Gramola are a quartet composed of music teachers with a broad musical background and a repertoire that includes all kinds of themes; from the beginnings of the Jazz all the way up to the excesses of the 1980's. Lost in a "vintage" optic, they transport us to a harmonic space where the quality and simplicity of each instrument prevail creating a sound that will not leave you indifferent. Suitable for both big and small spaces we invite you to listen to this quartet of musicians who will bring you back to the age of Gangsters, Gals and Gramaphones, or "La Gramola" as they call it here.


Núria Almazán          Vocals

Cesc Miró               Trumpet

Javier Vaquero        Guitar, ukulele

Pep Rius                  Double bass



Photo: Press photo