Virginia Vi Trio Soul - R&B - Jazz - Blues

The Virginia Vi Trio is a new project featuring members of Virginia & the Woolfs, a smooth cocktail distilled from classic Soul, R&B, Jazz & Blues - Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder-,  and laced with jazz-tinged takes on modern pop- Prince,Sting, Amy Winehouse and Pharell.

The sweet, melodic sound of the archtop guitar and the soft, warm pulse of the acoustic bass set the mood for Virginia’s sultry vocal tones, forming a dynamic trio well equipped to tackle the above-named old hands and young guns.

An evening with the Virginia Vi Trio is a chance to hear the laid-back, late-night alter ego of Virginia & the Woolfs, as together they saunter through the moonlit byways of songs old and new.

Virginia Vi - Vocals

Brian O'Mahony – Archtop Guitar & Vocals

Dara Luskin – Acoustic Bass & Vocals

Photo: Press photo